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At  Reverence Ragdolls, each kitten is part of our family and is raised in the house.  Most of our breeding girls spend much of their lives inside with us, and stay with their babies until the babies are about ten weeks old.  This means that  you can be sure that your kitten will be well socialised, well adjusted and ready for its new life with you!  Our kittens are raised on the best possible nutritional food, are handled daily, vaccinated, desexed, wormed, flea treated and most of all ... much loved!

Each kitten leaves when we think it is "ready" to go, mostly around 11-14 weeks of age.  Once a kitten has been "Reserved", we keep you up to date with photo's of your bundle of fluff.   We can not always give you an EXACT date when your baby will be ready to leave, because we can't forecast weight gain and growth.

We provide you with a kitten pack, to take home with your baby that includes wet and dry Kitten Food samples, as well as the relevant paperwork including Microchip Certificiate, Desexing Certificate, Diet and Care Information, Vaccination Certificates, and a copy of your baby's Pedigree. 

ALL KITTENS LEAVE DESEXED.  We call this "responsible breeding".  Please don't ask us to sell you an undesexed kittens, we won't, and this is not negotiable - today - tomorrow or next year!    There are many reasons for this, and we are happy to discuss them with you, should you be interested.  Please also remember a pet is a big committment.  It is for a "long time" not a "short time" and ragdolls need lots of companionship and love, so if you don't think you can do that, don't ask to buy a kitten!

Once you have selected your kitten  we ask for a $200 non refundable deposit to secure your kitten.  We do offer a discount for a purchase of two kittens, or for repeat purchases.    Please also be aware that kittens are "reserved" on a first come, first serve basis .  We no longer keep a waiting list, because so often people source kittens elsewhere and fail to let us know.  Kittens are put up on the Kitten page, with an estimated date they can leave and are reserved on a first come, first served basis.  If I think the kitten you have your eye on, will not be suitable for your environment, I will let you know.  Please bear in mind, that kittens take a little while to settle in.  Sometimes they will hide for a little while, this is not unusual.  Its important to remember that when a kitten comes to you, it is the human equivalent of about 18 months old - so think of it like an 18 month old child, and treat him or her accordingly, patience and love , go a long way towards setting a new baby in!

We don't want to make the purchase process "harder", we are simply trying to ensure fairness to you the buyer and us the Breeder.  If our price seems expensive compared to kittens advertised elsewhere, please consider the cost of desexing, you may be surprised at the cost quoted by your local veterinarian.  Most backyard breeders do not bother registering themselves and DO NOT DESEX their kittens and most DO NOT test for the Genetic diseases PKD and HCM.  All our breeding females (through their parentage) have been tested clear of these diseases.  If a kittie purchased from us shows an illness due to a genetic disease / fault etc, then we have both a moral and legal obligation to replace that kittie, and we will do so willingly on provision of a Vet's Certificate that clearly identifies a problem that can be traced back to parentage.

Being a Registered Breeder, means we abide by and support a code of conduct designed to protect the Breed, and you, the Buyer.  Our Support doesn't end when you walk out the door, we are available to help you over the longer term with advice  and guidance.  There is a world of difference between Registered Breeders and Backyard Breeders who just buy one female and one male to breed a "few litters".  Ragdolls are bred to a "standard", and if the right cats are not mated together to preserve and better that standard, then eventually Ragdolls won't be Ragdolls, as they will lose the traits that are characteristic to the breed eg bright blue eyes will become pale blue eyes, coats may become less thick and luscious and so forth!   If there comes a time that you cannot keep your baby, please contact us, we will always assist and can work with you to assist in rehoming the kitten / cat.

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