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Amberglade Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy was purchased as our foundation Sire.  A lilac mitted boy, he is a beautifully  boned boy, with good size, good eye colour and a lovely plush coat.

Bred by Elly Barton at Amberglade Ragdolls and from Championship Bloodlines, Darcy produces beautiful babies that have wonderful eyes, lovely plush coats and most importantly of all, wonderful loving personalities.

Mr Darcy is true to his name, he is an absolute smooch and loves "his girls".  He is the "MAIN MAN" here at Reverence Ragdolls and we are very proud to have him!
Kaycee Revellation

Fondly know as "Chucky" our blue mitted boy is a Grand Champion on the Show Bench.  He debuted on the bench at 5 years old, and took it all in his stride.  He is huge in size bulking up to over 8kg in the winter when not breeding.  He has fabulous boning, and has the "smoochiest" nature.  He loves his daily cuddles and will happily curl up in my lap for as long as my lap is available! 

He has produced some lovely kittens for us and passes on his lovely plush coat, great eye colour and of course his smoochy nature.
Reverence Up the Ante

This beautiful high mitted seal bicolour boy, is a son of Amberglade Mr Darcy, who will be retired when "Ante" starts breeding.  Ante has had extreme success on the Show Bench, having been nominated as Best Ragdoll Kitten, six times at the 2019 CCCA National Cat Show and the ACF National Cat Show 2019, in a field of up to 22 kittens, under judges from the USA / The Netherlands / New Zealand and Australia.

Reverence Up the Ante, has a very outgoing personality, and sea blue eyes.  His parentage contains lines from some of the best catteries in the world, and we look forward to seeing his first babies later this year.

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