Ragdolls Reverence Ragdolls - Our Story
In 2010, my husband and I, purchased a large farm 90 minutes south of Melbourne, and relocated from Sydney.  It has given us both the opportunity to pursue our passions, for my husband, farming, and for myself, a return to breeding and showing Arabian Horses.  It also afforded me with  the opportunity to begin to breed and to start showing Ragdoll Cats and Reverence Ragdolls was born!    "Reverence Ragdolls" was chosen as our name, because we consider these to be cats worthy of our "highest esteem"!

Our Philosophy when it comes to breeding, is to breed the best you possibly can in terms of both looks and temperament and to meet the breed standard as closely as you can.  We are highly ethical breeders.  We both have significant experience in animal management and the welfare of the cats is our first and primary concern and to this end we plan on remaining as a "boutique cattery", breeding just a few litters per year, focusing on quality rather than quantity. 

Our kittens are raised with the best of care, food, and in the home with us.  They are a big part of our family and we try to place them in the best possible homes !

I have always loved animals, and grew up with a passion for horses.  In my twenties, I lived in the foothills to the beautiful Blue Mountains where  I was lucky enough to own and show some beautiful Arabian horses.  Unfortunately, a role as a Senior Corporate Manager and a long commute to the city each day forced a move back into an inner city suburb of Sydney, and my horses were “traded” for two small but gorgeous lhasa apso dogs, that were to be my companions for the next eighteen years.

After my precious little Lhasa's passed away, I acquired my first Ragdoll cat, a beautiful blue point, I named Cleo.  Within just days of acquiring Cleo, I was SMITTEN.  Sadly though, Cleo contracted a disease called Feline Infectious Peritonitis, which is mostly always a fatal disease in cats.  Cleo had come from a “backyard” breeder, and I learned a very painful lesson.  My next Raggie was to come from a Registered Breeder in Victoria, who had been paintakingly researched and another "romance" began!
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